Terms and Conditions

1 General Terms & Conditions

All the services which are provided by our organization are subjected to payment realization prior to the departure of the flight. If you have made the payment via cheque, then the tickets will be delivered to you only after its realization.

2 Air Travel Services

The organization has the right at any moment of time and due to any reason to:

  • Cancel a ticket before the departure date of the flight. If the same is done, then the liability of this would be limited to the refund of the money which is paid by the traveler for the ticket.
  • Withdraw, amend, differ or alter any facility or tour that has been published or advertised by the organization. We are not liable for any reimbursement, consequential loss or any additional expenses suffered by the traveler or the Group.

No other person, except the ones in the organization in writing, would have the right to modify, add , vary or waive off any description, representation, terms and conditions which are mentioned here or in the brochure of the organization or other terms regarding the booking of the tour by the traveller authorized by us.

In case if the organization has exercised its right to modify or amend any tour as is advertised in any media or in the brochure after such holidays have been booked, then the traveled shall be entitled to:

  • Proceed with the tour or holiday as modified or amended.
  • Agree to any alternative tour or holiday that the organization will offer. The professionals of the organization in neither of the aforesaid cases will be liable to the group/traveler for any additional expenses, damages or consequential losses being suffered by the Group or Traveller.

In any circumstances or whatsoever the organization will be liable to the Group or Traveller for any:

  • Death, accident, personal injury, sickness, delay, loss, consequential damage or higher loss by any misadventure or similar reason.
  • Default or act of any carrier, servant, agent or travel element supplier employed by the travel element supplier, who might be responsible for the provision of carriage facility, accommodation, means or the Group/Traveller service, howsoever caused. ‘Howsoever caused’ also represents the negligence on the role of any person involved.

No liability on the part of the organization arising via any means out of this contract in regards to any holiday, excursion or tour facility will exceed the total paid amount or the amount which is agreed to be paid for making the excursion, tour element or holiday and in no case we’ll include any additional expenses or consequential damage whatsoever.

The prices which are quoted in the brochure of the organization are in USD or its equivalent in the foreign currency. The organization also reserves the right to amend this cost in any case of currency fluctuation and due to the changes in various exchange rates before the departure and to charge accordingly. Whenever the same situation arises, then the traveler has to pay the full amount as per the price increase.

It is the obligation of the Explorer/Gathering to guarantee and clutch legitimate travel records, for example, international ID and Visa till the visit/tour closes/ends. In the event that any such travel report like visa has been refused, expires or has been scratched off by the officials, the traveler would need to meet every one of the conceivable outcomes emerging there from and to meet all costs momentous thereto. The Association would have no obligation at all with respect to the above matter(s). It is the Traveller/Group’s obligation to check and clutches substantial travel reports and documents, for example, international ID and Visa till the visit/tour ends. In the event that any travel record or document, for example, visa has been refused, lapses or has been canceled by the officials, the member would need to meet each one of the potential outcomes emerging there from and to meet all costs momentous thereto. The Association will likewise have no duty at all as to the above matter(s).

The Ticket Cost does exclude Protection Premium cost. The Traveller/Group would need to pay towards any such premium costs themselves.

All visit/tour programs and additionally visit/tour components are bound by laws, rules, and regulations amid the whole tour and back. The Association would have no obligation as to any condition that is achieved by such laws, or because of the act of God.

Any objection made by the Traveller (counting grumbling/complaints on the benefit of different travelers of the Group) regarding or due to the visit/tour must be passed on to the Association in writing within 21 days from the tour end date. No type of claim or protest made after the previously mentioned date might be engaged under any situation. No different grievance of the traveler going with the Group might be considered straightforwardly and thus, same must be made by just that Traveller who is acting to be the pioneer of the whole Group.

The Association won't be at risk to any traveler for a refund, discount, pay or even claim for decreasing number of tour days or for delay, cancellation or re-directing of a particular planned transport benefit because of some reason, for example, bad weather. The standards with respect to cancellation charges/refund would be applicable.

2.a. In case of any kind of Dispute

FlightforAll is committed to conveying consumer loyalty each and every time, thus on the off chance that you have any sort issue or question identified with our item or administration, we will attempt to investigate them at the most punctual. In any case, on the off chance that we can't do as such, you may seek after cases as have been clarified in the following sections.

By dealing with us, you consent to give us the chance to determine any question or claim in regards to the Site, managing our operators, any administration or item given by us, any sort of representation being made by us, or with our Privacy Policy, by reaching FlightforAll Customer Service division. On the off chance that we can't resolve your cases after an examined due date, you may look for alleviation through intercession or in small claims court, as have been put forward in this section.

Any and each Case will be settled by a binding mediation rather than in court, with the exception of when you attest Case on an individual basis in court for small claims on the off chance that they meet all requirements for the same. This incorporates any Claim you affirm against us, our backups or with any organization that offers items or administrations by means of us. This additionally incorporates any Claim that emerged before you acknowledged recorded Terms and Conditions, regardless to whether earlier versions of the Terms and Conditions required mediation or not.

There is no requirement of any judge or jury in the mediation, and court survey of medications confined. In any case, a mediator can grant the harms and alleviation on an individual basis as the court itself and must follow and implement these Terms and Conditions similarly as a court would.

Mediations will be led by American Assertion Affiliation (AAA) under its own particular arrangement of guidelines, which likewise incorporate the AAA Consumer Rules. Payment of all documenting, administration and mediation expenses will be administered by the AAA's guidelines, aside from as given in this section. You may have the mediation directed via telephone, in view of written entries, or even face to face within the state where you live or at some other commonly concurred area.

Any and each procedure made to resolve Cases will be led only on an individual basis and not as a class, solidified or delegate activity. The Federal Arbitration Act and federal mediation law apply to this agreement. Mediation choice might be affirmed by any court that holds competent jurisdiction.

2.b Prohibited Activities

The content & information used on this Website (which includes but is not limited to price as well as the availability of travel services) and the infrastructure that is used to provide such information is either proprietary to us or our affiliates or suppliers. While you may make your travel itinerary’s copies in limited number, for travel or reservations booked via this Website you also agree not to modify, copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, publish, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any information, products or services and software obtained via this Website. Additionally, you also agree not to:

  • Make use of this Website or its content for any form of commercial purpose
  • Make any tentative, false or deceptive reservation
  • Access or copy any information or content of this Website by using any automated means or by any manual process for any specific purpose without obtaining relevant authorization from us
  • Violate the restrictions of this Website or try to bypass other measures being engaged to prevent/limit this Website’s access
  • Take any form of action that may or does impose, in our discretion, some unreasonably high load over our infrastructure
  • Deeply link any section of this Website (that includes, without limitation, the path of purchase for any travel service(s)) for any function without our authorization
  • Frame, copy or otherwise incorporate any segment of this Website into some other website without seeking prior authorization from us

If your booking/account shows any sign of fraud, abuse or any other form of suspicious activity, Flightforall may cancel any travel/service reservation(s) that is associated with your name, email ID or account, and may close any associated Flightforall accounts. If you have carried out any fraudulent activity, Flightforall reserves the right to instigate any legal action as may be necessary and you may be liable for paying a monetary fine to Flightforall, which could include litigation costs as well as damages. To contest against the cancellation of booking/freezing/closure of an account, please get in touch with Flightforall Customer Service.

2.c. Flightforall Fee

Other than Travel Supplier's cost and expenses, FlightforAll may charge an additional administration charge which has been clarified underneath. Additionally, Flightforall expenses are charged on a person-to-person or per-ticket premise and are non-refundable. See beneath for more details:

Flightforall Fees

Apply To

Online Booking Fee Amount

Flight Booking Fees*(each passenger).

All Economy/Coach All Business/First

$0 to $100 (Based on Ticket Price)

Passenger types = Adult, child, senior, infant, student, military.

All Booking Service Fees remain non-refundable and can change without prior notice.

The Government imposed taxes and fees may even change. You are subject to pay the last aggregate sum as shown.

Important Note: Benefit expenses charges are liable to change without earlier notice. YOU WILL BE LIABLE TO PAY THE LAST AGGREGATED COST AS CITED INDEPENDENT OF ANY CHANGE OR CHANGE IN THE SERVICE FEES. Kindly, check the aggregate last cost carefully.

2.d. Flightforall Post Ticketing Fees

Applicable for


Cancellation Assisted by Agent

For cancellation within 4 Hours of booking and before Midnight of the booking date 
For cancellation after 4 hours of booking but before Midnight 
For cancellation after Midnight and within the day of booking (USA Websites Only)

Post-Ticketing Service Fees



Cancellation Assisted by Agent/Future Credit

Upto $50

Upto $100

Cancellation Assisted by Agent for Refund

Upto $200

Upto $300

Cancellation & Refunds (After 24 hrs)/Changes to Existing Booked Tickets (exchange)

Within 4 hours

     Up to $100

Within 10 days of fresh travel date1

     Up to $300

After 10 days of fresh travel date2

      Up to $300

Other Special Services

Refund Assisted by Agent or Assistance with attaining an                     Impending Airline Credit Pending for any of reasons noted 3 
(Our Service fees are applicable only upon success, but do not include airline fees)

  1. Misspelling in Passenger Name
  2. Services related to Visa/Passport.
  3. Services related to Baggage
  4. No-Show
  5. Denied Boarding
  6. Duplicate Booking

Under our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) we offer special discounts. The CEP Approach started by us covers Senior Citizens (older than 64 years), Military, Youth (in the vicinity of 16 and 25 years), Natural disasters, critically ill Deprivation and individuals with Inabilities All Airline Refunds/Future Credits varies from airline to airline and rely on fare rules, procedures and policies On the payment page, benefit charges will be changed over into your local currency. Traveler types = Adult, child, senior, infant, student, military.

All post-ticketing administration charges are liable to change without earlier notice and are non-refundable. Flightforall expenses, additional fares gathered, and different charges are in addition to the airline. Only the last aggregate sum will be charged from you. The government forced taxes and expenses may change without earlier notice and you will be charged the last cost.

1. Most of the air tickets we sell are non-refundable. Refunds are only credited if our associated Travel 1. A large portion of the air tickets we offer is non-refundable. Discounts are only credited if our related Travel Providers' toll rules take into consideration cancellation and discounts. The ask for must be even acknowledged from our end and you should not be a "no show" (most "no show" appointments are in-qualified for any waiver from providers for processing refunds).

2. Our offered flight tickets are generally non-refundable. The airline Discounts/refunds/Future credits absolutely rely on the airline’s fare standards, policies and embraced measures.

3. Exceptional Administrations – The special services are accessible only on a Demand Premise and remain totally subject to each air carrier’s audit and approval process.

Name Incorrect spelling – The name of travelers on their air tickets don't match with their international ID or other acknowledged government ID

Visa/Identification - To handle a demand, you have to present a Visa/Travel permit decline letter

Baggage – It is encouraged to keep every one of your receipts and baggage labels handy

No-Show - Records supporting why you were not ready to make planned take off are compulsory

Denied Boarding – Document expressing the reason behind why you were prevented boarding of your scheduled departure is necessary

Duplicate Tickets – keeping in mind the end goal to handle a refund request, you will be required to submit duplicates of all tickets, mirroring precisely the same itineraries booked with us.

2.e Taxes and Fees Charges on Published Price Airline Tickets

The government forced taxes and charges and any applicable airline forced expenses are either incorporated into your fare or organized independently on your checkout page to give an excursion cost. Tax rates essentially at the time of procurement are connected to your ticket cost. Retroactive tax rate increments might be the obligation of the Traveller. For worldwide flights, as portrayed beneath, Entry or Exit Expenses might be charged that are not included in your fare or organized independently on your checkout page. A non-refundable charge per ticket will be applied to published price airline itineraries that incorporate more than one carrier. Paper ticket charges, schedule change/cancellation/discount/refund expenses, Baggage charges and Entry or Exit charges on certain worldwide flights may likewise apply to your itinerary, as portrayed underneath;

Online/On-call Ticket Processing Fee: Please take note of that a nominal handling expense will be collected on all bookings made by you through our site or by means of our travel specialists. You will be required to pay a preparing expense of $25 for US Domestic Bookings and $75 for Global Bookings, both applicable over published fare.

Paper Ticket Expenses: A delivery and dealing with expense will be charged if your schedule requires the issuance of paper tickets. On the off chance that your tickets are rerouted or are undeliverable and are returned, there will be an extra re-handling expense. Take note of: This charge, if appropriate, will be shown on your agreement before buy.

Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Air travel itinerary changes, if allowed by the airline passage standards, may have a change expense charged by the airline ordinarily running amongst $200 and $300 USD per ticket that will fluctuate by market, carrier and specific fare rule. Furthermore, any progressions made with Flightforall to your itinerary will cause a per ticket Flightforall preparing expense.

Baggage and Other Auxiliary Aircraft Expenses: The airlines may oblige you to pay extra charges at the airport for specific administrations and in the event that you surpass certain cut off points as directed by the airline, for example, the quantities of packs or weight permitted, and a few airlines don't offer a free baggage allowance. Amid the booking procedure, Flightforall gives a rundown of key terms of an airlines baggage charges, yet every airline ought to be consulted for more details about its Baggage and other auxiliary expenses.

Entry/Leave Expenses: On the off chance that you are voyaging globally, a few nations or airports charge expenses after entering and leaving the nation. These expenses are excluded in the ticket cost, or the charges and expenses we show on our site before booking. For more details on a particular nation's entrance/leave a charge, we propose that you visit http://www.travel.state.gov before the departure.


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Disclaimer: The information, products, software and/or services, which have been published on this website may consist of errors or imprecisions, like the ones in context with pricing. Specifically, Flightforall and any of its affiliates do not provide any guarantee related to the accuracy and hereby disclaim all liability for any inaccuracy or error in relation to the information and the description of the air travel-related products and services, which have been shown on this site (including, without any limitation, the pricing, pictures, general product descriptions, or more). Also, Flightforall can explicitly claim all the authority to change or correct any pricing mistake on our Website as well as awaiting reservations made under an incorrect cost. In such a condition, if accessible, we may offer you the chance to keep your awaiting reservation at the right cost or we will cancel out your reservation without any penalty.