Privacy Policy

Our organization works to live up to your trust and that’s why we have set loyal customer service on a high priority in order to ensure that the security and confidentiality of the customer’s personal information are maintained all the time. Kindly go through this Privacy Policy document, so that you can learn more about the practices of our privacy. By paying a visit to this website, you are accepting the practices that have been described herein.

Details of Personal Information As Is Collected By Us

  • We usually get and store any piece of data that you enter while utilizing our site or what you give us by means of some other medium. This incorporates all that data that can be utilized to recognize you, for example, your first and last name, your phone number, postal and email address, information about the billing, etc. You can in the meantime choose not to give a few or all of such details to us, however you are required to provide us a few details about you to enroll with us as a member, to book, to finish a traveller profile, to take an interest in a survey or challenge or sweepstakes, or for approaching us regarding any queries
  • When you have a booking for another person by means of our site, we will ask for individual data and in addition travel preferences for that individual(s). You ought to likewise get the assent from them preceding giving us their personal data and even the travel preferences, as any attempt to see
  • We may acquire both individual and in addition non-individual information about you occasionally from business accomplices, associated entities and other independent sources to add to our record details. Instances of details that we may get include: updated delivery and address details, purchase history and statistic data. Depending upon your privacy settings and that of your companions, we may utilize the data that you like to impart to some social networking provider.
  • We gather some data consequently about your PC at whatever point you visit this site. For example, we will gather your IP address, insights about the Web browser, and about the site. We may also gather data about your online action patterns, for example, the trips that you have viewed and the bookings made by you. Our purpose for gathering this data automatically incorporate tweaking your experience and for hindering any fake movement.

How We Use Your Personal Information

  • We utilize sensitive billing details like cardholder name, card number, and expiration date in order to execute the travel bookings that you have made on our site. We also use the different insights about you for the following reasons: to give you products and administrations that you ask for, keeping in mind the end goal to give you travel confirmation and different updates, to successfully deal with your record that incorporates preparing bills and giving notifications related to travelling, to discuss various matters with you, to react to your inquiries and feedbacks, to generate interesting and to enhance our products, administrations and site, for telling you about extraordinary offers and products or services that could hold any importance to you, or to generally customize the usage of this site, for remunerating you as a major aspect of any such program that you join, to look for data from you, which incorporates overviews, for resolving disputes, gather charges or to investigate issues, for avoiding possibly prohibited/illegal exercises, to uphold Terms and Conditions given by us, and furthermore as generally has been described to you at the collection point.
  • We attempt to make it simpler for you to take profit of travel-related opportunities on our site. The one way that we do this is by sending email messages to you, which may contain details related to your travel interests. For example, if you have searched for the flight to New York (NY) on our site and have saved the details regarding your itinerary subtle, but you haven’t booked your trip so far, then we may send you a message through an email for reminding you about your saved travel or about a special discount in airfare to NY. We trust that these email messages will equip you with helpful data in regards to travel-related offers that are provided by us on our site. Kindly, note that you will have the chance to select not to receive these email messages in any such email that are sent by us.

With whom all we share your details

  • Suppliers of administrations and services, for example, airline, who might satisfy your travel reservations. All through this site, all administrations gave by an independent provider that has been describing. By booking through our site, you actually approve us to uncover to our providers the details being required to finish the booking and deliver related travel. These providers don't come under the control of Flightforall and personal data that is uncovered to them is subjected to appropriate provider's privacy policy and other security policies. In this way, we would encourage you to review the privacy policies of any travel provider whose items you buy by means of this site.
  • Independent sellers who provide administrations/services on our behalf, which incorporate CC handling, client benefit, business examination, survey distribution, marketing and furthermore fraud prevention. We may also offer authorization to independent merchants for gathering some details on our behalf, as it would be important to operate the highlights of our site or for encouraging the web based advertising that will be customized according to your interests. These autonomous merchants have authorization to and may gather important details, but only when it is required to carry out the functions only and are not permitted to share or use the same for whatever other means. They are required to follow the similar data security policies that we adhere to in our organization.
  • Business accomplices related with us with whom we may offer products, administrations, and services mutually, or whose products, as well as administrations, might be offered through our site. You can simply tell when an autonomous entity is involved with product/benefit that you have asked for in light of the fact that their name is associated with our brand name or all alone. In the event, that you wish to get to these administrations that are totally discretionary, we may share insights about you, for example, your own personal information with them. Kindly, note that we don't control privacy policies of these free business entities.
  • If you were coordinated to this site from some other site we may impart a few insights about you to that directing site as well. We have not formed any restriction on the referring sites' use of your details and we would urge you to check their privacy policy before performing any action on it.
  • We may impact your personal information to our corporate affiliates at whatever point the necessity for the same emerges. This sharing additionally empowers us to furnish you with all essential data regarding products and the services, both identified with a travel and to the ones that are not, which may important to you. To the degree that our organization and corporate affiliates have the privilege to access to your data, they will follow each one of those practices that are at any rate as controlling as the practices that have been depicted in this document. They additionally will be in consistency with every single appropriate law that oversees transmission of promotional interactions and give you the choice in any business email to quit from all messages later on.

We also may share your information

  • In reaction to the summons, court requests, or some other legitimate process for setting up or practicing our lawful rights with a specific end goal to protect against legal claims or as is generally required by the law. In such cases, we would maintain all authority to raise/defer off any lawful complaint/right that is accessible to us.
  • When we trust that it will be suitable to start examination, counteract or make a move in regards to unlawful/suspected illicit exercises; for ensuring and guarding the rights, property or security of our organization or this very site, our clients or others and as per our Terms and Conditions and other bound understandings.
  • In association with some corporate exchange, for example, merger, divestiture, consolidation or sale of an asset or in the unlikely bankruptcy event.
  • Other than what has portrayed above you will be given notice when individual insights about you are being imparted to autonomous entities, and you will have a chance to select not to have us uncover or offer such data.
  • We may likewise impact unknown or total details to autonomous entities, including promoters and in addition financial specialists. For example, we may tell our sponsors the aggregate number of guests generally visit our site or the most well-known hotels and vacation destination. This data does not contain any individual data and is just used to create content and different services that might bear some significance with you.

Other Details You Should Know About Privacy

When availing the FlightforAll Service, you may find links to the third party sites, applications and in addition administrations/services. Kindly, note that on the off chance that you click on one of these links, then you will be redirected to some other organization's site, application or administration/service. But as put forward, we won't disclose your personal information with those outsiders (third party) and are not responsible for their particular privacy policies. We would encourage you to check their privacy policies and statements, as their arrangements might be fundamentally not quite the same as Privacy Policy of this site. You will exclusively be in charge of protecting the secrecy of your record details.

We likewise claim all authority to change or supplement this Privacy Policy record now and again at whatever point there is some need to make corrections to it. Any sort of progress in the way we use your own data will be specified in future forms of this archive. In the event, that any proposed change happens to be inadmissible to you, you may demand to expel your own personal details from our accounts and records.

Exception Policy

Clients serving in the U.S. military, senior nationals, clients between the age of 16-25 or influenced by loss, clients with inabilities or terminal disease may get a rebate off cancellation, discount or ticket change service charges under this policy, as depicted underneath:


Eligibility requirements

Discounts off service fees provided under the EP policy


Customers directly affected by natural disasters.

Natural disasters are considered major adverse events resulting from the natural processes of Earth (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.)

100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees

Bereavement (Immediate family – children, siblings, parents, and grandparents)

Letter from the funeral home is required

100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees

Senior citizens (over 65 years of age)

Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required

100% discount off cancellation and refund service fees 50% discount off ticket change service fees.

Youth (ages between 16 and 25)

Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required

25% discount off ticket change service fees

Customers with disabilities

Doctor’s Note

100% discount off cancellation, 50% discount off refund or ticket change service fees.

Customers with terminal illness

Doctor’s Note

100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees.


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